HOPESINGS – Abraham Productions Memorial Weekend

We have exciting news for you, Southern Gospel fans! Some of you may have seen that Godsey Media Management has started doing live-stream concerts with your favorite artists to give the artists a chance to continue encouraging you in song and for you to help encourage and support the artists, helping us through this difficult time with COVID-19. Well, Godsey Media Management has announced that they have partnered with Abraham Productions to put on a Memorial Weekend event with multiple artists!

The Abraham Productions: Memorial Weekend will be a three day event live-streamed directly to your home! The event will take place on May 21, 22, and 23, 2020 and feature the Hoppers, the Whisnants, Brian Free and Assurance, the Talleys, Karen Peck and New River, CT and Becky Townsend, Bill Bailey, and Ray Flynn. Tickets are $29.96 for all three nights. If you are interested in not only enjoying this event but also helping to support the artists, please click here!

Please, consider sharing this post and help spread the word! Who knows, maybe someone you share this with will be encouraged by the event!

You can visit www.godseymediamanagement.com for more information.

Thanks for reading!

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